Special Hospital for Orthopaedic Surgery Akromion

Ever since Akromion was opened in April, 2008, it has became a distinguished orthopaedic hospital in  in this part of Europe. Akromion provides medical services of treating injuries and musculoskeletal system  diseases. We conduct all procedures, from arthroscopy to artificial joint implantation. Also, we deal with cases of fractures and provide reconstructive procedures for poorly healed fractures.
In the case of selected orthopedic procedures, patients have the option to continue their post-surgery rehabilitation at the Special Hospital for Rehabilitation in Krapinske Toplice or to continue their rehabilitation in our Akromion Polyclinic in Zagreb.

Special Hospital AGRAM

Special Hospital AGRAM is a leading private healthcare system in the Republic of Croatia. This institution draws its strength from the values and the continuation of 20-year work and professional experience  in providing a complete healthcare service that was forged under their predecessor, Sunce Polyclinic. The fine  hospital staff is additional resource that made the difference. Carefully selected, they strive for excellence, put great value on early diagnostics and they rely on great benefits of their interdisciplinary approach to treatment.

Dental Esthetic Center Zagreb

Located in the centre of Zagreb, our institution meets the standards of all patients, including the most demanding ones. Work ethic and attitude of the Dental Esthetic Center specialists are at the highest level and they are the main source of our achievements.

Situated in the epicentre of the country’s capital, with out superbly designed space with state-of-the-art equipment and human touch at every step of the way, we can offer utmost accessibility, comfort and, above all, confidence.

Polyclinic Body Balance

Medical Body Balance Polyclinic is a physical medicine and rehabilitation clinic engaged in physical therapy, orthopaedics and traumatology. We are located in Zagreb, between scenic Maksimir Park and University Hospital Centre Zagreb (“Rebro”), in Frane Kesterčaneka 2b street. 
The founder and hospital director is Velibor Viboh, dipl. Physioth, who is also the official physiotherapist of Croatia’s DAVIS CUP Representation and Croatia’s tennis player Donna Vekić.

Eye Clinic Svjetlost

Providing extended range of medical services in the field of ophthalmology, the specialized Eye Hospital Svjetlost is the leading institution in the region. Best known for their top of the line medical standards in technical support and knowledge, they are constantly recognized as leaders in implementing the latest technologies in ophthalmology. 

It is also the first private University Clinic in Croatia. On top of Zagreb, where their home institution is located, they have centres in Split, Sarajevo and Banja Luka in Bosnia and Hercegovina, and Novi Sad in Serbia and Budva in Monte Negro.

Polyclinic Mešter

Polyclinic Aesthete is located in the very heart of the city of Zagreb.
A place where you will feel welcome, where you will be attended by outstanding experts in a pleasant and delightful ambient.
This place is made to be everything you hoped for, the place where of each and every patient is taken care of.
The two physicians who founded this clinic decided to follow the guiding mission of the Golden Ratio and Divine Proportions and we all know that there is nothing more aesthetically pleasing than these two rules.