Health   tourism in Croatia


The Republic of Croatia has a rich health tourism tradition. According to Health Protection Act, which became effective as of January 1, 2019, health tourism means provision of healthcare services – diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, healthcare and medical rehabilitation procedures – together with hospitality and/or tourist services. In terms of appeal and competitiveness, health tourism is one of the most developed forms of tourism in Croatia. It is a great opportunity for visitors to spend a pleasant vacation in beautiful surroundings while performing minor or major medical procedures.  

Why H&H Adriatic ?

Wherever you go, one of the most important issues in your entire life can easily be finding the partner you can rely in difficult times. When illness strikes, a partner who will connect you with state of the art institutions and professional medical teams who best meet your needs is indispensable.
But we go beyond, helping you find best accommodation and transport from your home to healthcare institution, as well as organizing your safe trip home upon the completion of medical treatments. With us by your side, you can rest assured that the healthcare institutions we recommend will provide you with all the required conditions for quality care that will suit your needs.

Croatia – your healthy destination

The small country, located in the region between Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, always had a great tourism potential. 

Croatia certainly had two things going for her – pristine blue sea and summer, which means that summertime holidays of sunbathing and swimming took root very early on. However, Croatia has quickly distinguished herself as an important tourist destination in health tourism. This way, it has become an interesting tourist destination all year long, and not exclusively in the summer period. 

Due to abundance of health services options, consumers of health tourism services have the opportunity to, at the same time, use quality health care service at reasonable prices, and enjoy a vacation in attractive, and above all peaceful, tourist destinations.


Croatia, a sports outlier… Luka Modrić, Marin Čilić, Janica Kostelić, Sandra Perković and Sinković brothers, to name just a few, are Croatians who made sports history. How can such a small country give such significant and memorable sporting accomplishments? Is a question in its own right. World Cup runner-up team, Luka Modrić, owner of FIFA Ballon d’Or, award for the world’s best football player, Davis Cup World Champions and many more of Croatia’s athletes are the country’s best promoters.

What makes a good athlete develop into a superb one? Good conditions are a must, but they would do little, were they not supported by choice of health services. Our football and handball players, tennis players and skiers, they all have one thing in common – supreme medical teams who take excellent care about their physical condition. A team of physiotherapists, orthopaedists and other specialist conduct preventive check-ups to ensure their fitness is on highest levels and that any injury is treated with the best modern medical science can bring to bear.


Abundant with natural resources in terms of mild climate with plenty of sunny days, rich soil and precious sea, it is no wonder that Croatia earned a reputation of the place to go to for truly astonishing gastronomy experience. Vine varieties of finest quality, prosciutto, quality cheese, olive oil, fish and other homemade products became an ubiquitous part of the local and regional tourism. Naturally, such abundance of quality made its was to the restaurants listed in world-famous Michelin Guide and Gault & Millau, which vouch for the quality and traditional local ingredients. All over the country the famous gastronomy events are held, focusing on locally characteristic and traditional ingredients. But the flavours do not merely please, the exceptional quality of the food also provides vital support in the course of any treatment or recovery, thus becoming one of the main reasons for the patient to keep coming back for any of their needs or simply because it is so pleasant.

Always by your side

Excellent references and expertise of our medical staff make the strongest basis for quality medical care. However, our services are more comprehensive – we will make all the required travel arrangements and help you make the best out of your free time.

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